Global Mentorship 2019



THURSDAY 30 May, 2019






WELCOME ‘Moving with character’ & Introduction of the Mentorship Committee

Official welcome and a brief introduction of the Virtues Project International Association (VPIA) Board and the International Advisory Council (IAC)

What do they do worldwide for The Virtues Project?

10 min. Short Talk about: Moving with virtues/ character building

Incl. Program schedule

Housekeeping rules (incl. strategy 3)

VIRTUE SONG from Christine Hayling

Willy Hensen


Willy Hensen


Some activities to get to know each other with JOY

Fokko Zwart &

Katja van Leeuwen


CLOSING of the day with strategy 4

A Moment of peacefulness and gratitute for being together.

Participants of Europe



ENDING and social time




FRIDAY  31 May, 2019



Moving with virtues: Virtue yoga

Birthe Davies

(Patty Jongmaets)

7 - 9




OPENING of the day: Strategy  4

By Participants of N.America


Moving with Character: Part 1 SHARE TREE Overview. Setting the interactive landscape for the conference.

An introduction to character and how technology can be used to cultivate cultures and people centred on gratitude and character virtues.

How to live Gratitude in practice, also in these three days together.

Steven Farrugia - VPIA





Short Presentation of the workshops on Saturday - 2 min.

To inspire participants and help to choose.

All participants choose 3 workshops and sign up.

All leaders workshop





History of the Virtues Project™, roles of VPIA and IAC.

Present and future work.

Needs of participants.

Valerie Hess

Chairman  VPIA





A School Of Character

In this presentation Geoff will share his experience and approach to integrating virtues based character development

into the education of children. 

Author: Primary Character Curriculum UK & Rising Stars Character

Geoff Smith


Multiply Ways to Weave The Virtues Project

into Different Educational Initiatives

1 Virtues Matter! How The Virtues Project Aligns

with and Enhances Other Education Initiatives

2 .  Buidling & Stengthening Communities One Shake at a Time

Dara Feldman

Dave & Dara Feldman









In Hawaii it is 7.30 in the morning.

Linda Kavelin Popov &

Dan Popov


CLOSING of the day Strategy 4

Participants Asia?



ENDING and social time



SATERDAY, 1 June, 2019



Moving with virtues: Virtue yoga

Patty Jongmaets

(Birthe Davies)





OPENING of the day with Strategy 4

Participants from Africa?


How to combat violence in schools?

How break educational habits like corporal punishment?

Godwin Mongi (MF Tanzania & Geri Lynn Peak MF





FIRST ROUND of 4 WORKSHOPS - See the possibilities


13.00 !




SECOND ROUND of 4 WORKSHOPS - See the possibilities






THIRD ROUND of 4 WORKSHOPS -  See the possibilities











Healing  and strengthening relationships with The Virtues Project and Compassionate Communication

Conflicts are an opportunity to practice Empathy, Humility and Understanding followed by Honest Expression with Tact and Compassion

Betty Doherty MF



EVENING SONGS AND STORIES  touching on character and virtues.

Geoff & Michaela Smith



ENDING and social time




SUNDAY,  2 JUNE, 2019



Moving with virtues: Virtue yoga

Birthe Davies





Opening of the day Strategy 4

Participants from Europe?




Higth Trust Relationships & Restorative Circles

Nodi Ipp MF


PRACTICE  (to adapt SKYPE yesterday)

Healing  and strengthening relationships with

The Virtues Project and Compassionate Communication.

Conflicts are an opportunity to practice Empathy, Humility and Understanding followed by 

 Honest Expression with Tact and Compassion

(Betty Doherty, MF)

Willy Hensen MF





CURRICULUM Virtues Project: what to do to become a faciltator,

how to inspire and support each other by being a facilitator and

the path to grow and develop yourself to mastery

Katja van Leeuwen

Petra Zienteck


Moving with Character: Part 2 SHARE TREE

Closing address of the character of the group.

How did we live in Gratitude these three days by using strategy 1 in a media way? How does this way of living move our characters?

Steven Farrugia





SUMMERY GMS Moving with Character

Cooperation Actions planning?


Willy Hensen

VPIA board


CLOSING CEREMONY (incl. str. 4)






SHORT OVERVIEW WORKSHOPS AND NAMES. More information you find in the biographies

Saterday 1 of June 11.30 – 13.00 FIRST ROUND  4 workshops

1 Moving Character with Virtues Yoga

Virtues yoga is a special form of yoga that provides more depth and helps people to become more aware of their actions and thinking. The entire yoga philosophy is filled with virtues, which are often difficult to understand and apply in daily life.

Virtues yoga provides tools to simplify this. Someone once said Virtues yoga is a light and playful form of yoga with an enormous depth. It is the way of the heart, the language of the soul.

In every lesson one Virtue is a central theme.

Patty Jongmaets   Birthe Davies

2 Sharing the activities of Japan's, Germany and the Dutch Virtues Project


2a Sharing the activites of JAPAN: How to spread VP Education to the Grovel community - Building of Global-National- Local VP organization  30 minutes


BREAK 7,5 minutes


2b Sharing the activities of Virtues Project in GERMANY

This 20 min. input is interesting for people who are building (or want to build up) a national group. Katja van Leeuwen (entrepreneur, marketing expert, master facilitator and chairperson of the Virtues Project in Germany) gives a lot of information about the grow of the VP in Germany over the last 10 years.
è INPUT: the resources we have & use                             è ACTIVITIES: what we do

è OUTPUTS, OUTCOMES & IMPACTS: what we have gain


BREAK 7,5 minute.


2c Sharing the activities of Virtues Project in the Netherlands. Statements and dialogue.

In this 20 minutes workshop I will talk briefly about the history of “the Virtues Project in the Netherlands’. Also I like to share our specific situation in the Netherlands and the challenges we face to bring the Virtues into families, schools and organizations.

The way the Dutch look to virtues in general, the need for evidence based research for the majority of the organizations. The requested systematic educational methods to introduce virtues at schools. How to cope with it?


Kimiko Odamura Schwerin MF(Yohko Abe)


Katja van Leeuwen, Chairman Union Virtues Project Germany




Fokko Zwart, Chairman Trust Virtues Project Netherlands


3 Lessons on Transforming Selves and Systems

This interactive wisdom mining and skills share will help participants explore new ways to promote the use of the VP TM Five Strategies in establishing peace, justice and equity by 1) hearing some exmaples of racila justice and equity work used by Facilitators and Master Facilitators wrking with the Equity Matters collaborative and 2) particpating in a collective wisdom minu=ing process to explore how we, as VP champions, might more purposefully and authentically support community buidling and social transformation

Geri Peak  MF

4  "VP in school

‘How pupils with learning and behaviourdifficulties are learning to move with character."

Petra Zienteck


Saterday 1 of June 2019 14.00 - 15.30  SECOND ROUND WORKSHOPS

5 A virtuous psychotherapy tool


I will be presenting an exercise used in psychotherapy to create insight of feelings, thoughts, acts and results which becomes more powerful when we add the virtues.
40 minutes


Break 10 minutes


5 b the Virtues of Language with Intercultural Understanding and Wellbeing.

It will be a dialogue to find out how we all are dealing with it.

40 minutes

Verónica Tróchez







Julia Alden

6 Find, Honour and Transform your Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

Has this ever happened to you? You consciously want to reach a goal, make a video, run a workshop, speak in public, launch your blog… but somehow it does not happen.
Could this be because of some of your subconscious limiting beliefs? How do you find some of them, honour them and start replacing them with supportive beliefs?  Be curious! Be courageous! Be yourself! 


Nathalie ten Have-Fradin, MF, Belgium


7  How to introduce the VP in school step by step IN the normal program of the school.


In Holland directions of schools just want to work with evidence based methods. TVP is not a lessonprogram for all ages. The last several years I have found a solution to introduce the TVP into schools.


Willy Hensen MF Netherlands

8a  Workshop:  Using Virtues in everyday’s life, piece of cake. 40 minutes

Everyone can bake this cake with a simple recipe.

In the workshop I will give together with Nathalie Rensen, we will show easy every-day solutions to use virtues, wherever we can. Just simple materials, a bit creativity and the courage to go for it, is mostly enough.


Break 10 minutes


8b: Virtue based self care for healing from trauma and loss. 

40 minutes

It will be an interactive presentation to offer virtue-based self-care healing tools to foster understanding and wellness following  tragedy, trauma and loss.


Niesje Sonneveld MF and Nathalie Rensen






Diana Hudson



Saterday 1 of June 2019 16.00 – 17.30 THIRD ROUND WORKSHOPS

9 The Virtues Project in Business and the Workplace  40 minutes 


This session is focused on sharing with participants how the Virtues Project's strategies, tools and techniques formed the philosophical foundation, and also the day to day operating manual, of the Chartered Professional Accountant's firm he founded in western Canada.


Break 10 minutes


9 B Education and community 40 minutes


The session will include

1         How Avau has introduced and used Virtues in the classroom at different grade levels in a wide variety of locales.

2        2  Coping strategies for bringing and using Virtues, and Virtues Strategies, both in the classroom and in community based  organisations.


Malcolm W.Fast MF








Avau Fast MF

10 Global Cultural Change by Personality Development


1. Introduction to the concept of holistic personality development on the path of the 7 virtues

2. Practical exercise to cultural change.


Mandy Schröder-Gilke

11 “Using VP to break the cycle of violence in schools A report on activities to encourage the use of VP…”

Godwin and Geri  Lynn Peak were chatting  as he was returning from a meeting in the national capital in Dodoma, where he has been consulting with officials regarding implementing the VP systematically in schools to combat the violence in schools associated with severe forms of corporal punishment.  Geri Lynn PeakI had supported him and conducted some of the assessment work in 2017 and prepared the report materials .


Godwin Mongi MF Geri Lynn Peak MF


12 Workshop: Internal Triangulation: What is it? And Why Should We Care?


Internal Triangulation gives a simple and yet powerful explanation to many of our previously unexplainable behaviours and explains why we need to be careful when speaking the Language of the Virtues.

Of all the concepts I have heard of in my life, it has been one of the most meaningful.

Come and discover what it is and why you too should care.  Be curious! Be courageous! Be yourself!

Nathalie ten Have-Fradin, MF, Belgium


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